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HORNBY MODEL RAILWAY LAYOUTS-Detailed Printable Track Design Plans DVD DISC

Posted: February 28, 2013 at 4:51 pm No Comment
We help you find the best prices on parts for your OO scale railroad. Check out the HORNBY MODEL RAILWAY LAYOUTS-Detailed Printable Track Design Plans DVD DISC we found available on ebay. Our website is loaded with deals like these and we're always finding more parts several times a day so be sure to follow us on Twitter and bookmark our site. Scroll down to see more information about this great product.

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Model Train Railway Plans and Layouts Collection More than a 115 specific plans plus hundreds of compatible layouts and ideas. Whether your just a beginner having fun or a long time hard-core hobbiest, this DVD is ideal for you. Included are plans from your basic oval layouts with numerous add-on ideas, medium sized plans as well as some very impressive and remarkably complex plans that are sure to keep you entertained!! The Hornby Plans included are not just simple diagrams that leave you guessing about which part to use or high to build the slope, etc. They are all large clear 1:5 ratio computer generated images that can be printed (Click image below to see actual size and info). CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE THE FULL SIZES ON THE DVD AND THE TYPE OF INFORMATION YOU WILL RECEIVE. (images will open in a new window)!! Each image contains information such as: Plus each layout has a complete list of track pieces and objects. The information on the disc is formatted in EASY TO VIEW web page format with menus and links for easy navigation to: BASIC AND ADVANCED LAYOUTS Point to Point Layouts Layouts for A Small Space DockSide Layouts Narrow Shelf Layouts Doorway Layouts Port-side LayoutsPlus Dogbones, L-Shapes, Trolley Layouts and much more! A HUGE COLLECTION OF HORNBY PRINTABLE TRACK LAYOUTS WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF IMAGES; INCLUDING COMPUTER GENERATED 3D IMAGES. In addition to all these Layout plans you will also receive: 9 "HOW TO" MANUALS FOR TRAIN, EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES BUILDING and EXPANDING ON A BUDGET HOLIDAY DISPLAY LAYOUTS TIPS FOR NEWCOMERS PLUS AS AN ADDED BONUSWE HAVE INCLUDED ~MODEL RAILWAY DESIGN SOFTWARE~for Windows, LINUX and Mac OSX. Why struggle with pieces on the floor when you can use your computer to generate dream layouts with built in templates. You can even see your creation in 3D images as you see in the picture just above in this ad. FEATURES-Design layouts in any scale and gauge,-Use the predefined libraries for many popular brands of turnouts to help you get started easily,-Add your own favorite components,-Manipulate track much like you would with actual flex-track to modify, extend and join tracks and turnouts,-Test your design by running trains, including picking them up and moving them with the mouse.-At any point you can print the design in a scale of your choice. -When printed in 1:1 scale the printout can be used as a template for laying the track to build your dream layout. Immediate Payment by PayPal Only US postage - FREE Rest of the world - $2.00